PAtong Tower Condominium

Simple modern style renovation apartment for Patong Tower Condominium in Phuket

Renovation for interiors Patong Tower Phuket

CWS 3D rendering in Phuket, our services were required to produce photorealistic rendering for the luxury Patong Tower Condominium. As the leading rendering company in Phuket, we were the natural choice to ensure that the designs the developers had in mind were reproduced in real life. Using the latest state-of-the-art 3D rendering software, we could discuss the plans and the photorealistic rendering ensured that everyone knew what the final objective was.

Without the latest technology, it is tough to ensure that everyone has the same vision, and at the early stages, potential challenges can be identified and solutions found. Our skilled designers are dynamic and have innovative ideas, but it is vital that these ideas can be communicated to others. Communication has always been at the heart of each project that we undertake, and the 3D rendering makes this far more manageable.

As professionals and industry leaders, we are highly respected and continually looking to raise the benchmark so that projects such as The Patong Tower, where we produced the interior and exterior designs along with detailed floor plans, are some of the most desirable in the area.