About us

Crazy Web Studio Co., Ltd is the only BOI promoted company in Phuket, and we have been since 2015. It gives us opportunities which are unavailable to standard Thai companies. We are a foreign company, legally entitled to employ more foreign nationals who lead our dynamic team of 3D designers, architects, website developers, web designers and web marketing experts. From our base on the beautiful island of Phuket, we help our clients, both large and small, increase their online presence. We have clients in the US, Australia, Italy, France, Thailand and many more.

Everything You need to Know.

Originally founded in March 2011 by Andrea Buosi, Crazy Web Studio has a fusion of young and talented interior and exterior designers. Also, we have an eclectic mix of expert developers, graphics designers and social communication enthusiasts. Crazy Web Studio is an innovative web agency dedicated to providing a complete range of customer-focused internet related services.

Our team has continually delivered pioneering and reliable solutions to our global network of clients, addressing all their technical and marketing needs. Flexibility is very much at the forefront of our proposed solutions, allowing us to change and adapt strategies according to both internal and external factors. Our drive to surpass expectations combined with our passion for the internet and technology is at the core of our foundations.

If you live in Phuket, you will have almost certainly have seen or used one of our websites without perhaps realising. You may have heard about us, seen the logo or attended one of our pitches, but such is our excellent reputation, our reach is now global rather than island-based. Our work is all done in-house and don’t use third parties; a fact has enabled us to create numerous 3D interior and exterior design projects at home and abroad. We have worked with all sectors and industries on projects large and small.

Crazy Web Studio Co.,Ltd. 

We’re making all our work in-house

We don’t employ any third party provider to do things for us


We are the only foreign-owned and government-approved company in the south of Thailand offering digital innovation services. Our team comprises of foreigners to guarantee the quality of workmanship and includes individuals with a broad range of experience and an abundance of knowledge covering different sectors and fields.

Crazy 3d rendering office