Condominium Project Design

Exterior sea view to Rawai beach from the Tower 3 Condominium Pool

Condominium interiors

Light Green natural interiors with forest concept

Condominium Exterior

Full view of the condominium from the ground floor pool

Condominium project development design.

Crazy Web Studio started life in 2011 and since our humble beginnings; we have undertaken several condominium projects in Phuket, across Thailand and indeed, other parts of the world. We have extensive knowledge of developments and combined with our expertise and the fact that we use the latest technology, we can create some of the finest condos in Thailand.


Our team of young and talented foreign exterior designers can transform a condo’s outdoor spaces into something unique and exceptional. Regardless of the size or contours of the land, we can incorporate tranquil beachfront swimming pools, rooftop pools as well as well-manicured but manageable garden areas and recreational spaces. Our teams appreciate the importance of outdoor and communal spaces in a condominium environment.


Working closely with our developers and using photorealistic rendering, our interior designers can create magnificent internal living areas regardless of if it is a studio unit or a luxury penthouse. Our objective is to utilise natural light as much as possible and maximise the available space. Using the latest software packages, our teams can ensure that every aspect is covered and nothing is left to chance.

Drone View

Using state-of-the-art drones, we can get detailed plans from the air, which are far more useful than any done at ground level. We also take images throughout the construction phase to update buyers on the progress of the project.

Rooms & Floor Plan

Of course, on any project, all room and floor plans must be accurate, even the smallest fraction. Any errors could prove to be costly, so we once again use the latest technology and the skill of our teams to ensure that every measurement is precise. These plans will also be submitted to the relevant government bodies prior to construction commencing.

Before & After

(photoreaslitic rendering)