Luxury pool villa

3D Rendering in Sweden for Interior & Exterior for Ternrud Luxury Villa in – Sweden

Luxury Villa Ternrud in Sweden

The Luxury Villa Ternrud is a state-of-the-art project Villa in Sweden that Phuket Rendering has recently undertaken. It is a contemporary villa that incorporates large windows, which allows the maximum amount of natural light to enter the property. Phuket Rendering played a major role in creating a concept that is aesthetically pleasing, practical and designed to meet the long-term requirements of present and future owners. Working closely with contractors, developers and financiers, we had a significant say in the final design and the materials used.

When Phuket Rendering was given the initial plans, we only had PDF drawings which were merely floor maps with no further detail. Despite the magnitude of the task, through our expertise, experience and endeavour, our role in the project was delivered in an incredible two weeks. The owners were naturally delighted with this timeframe, and it is safe to say that the designs surpassed their expectations.

We are incredibly proud that all our clients trust us to create designs that are the very definition of “luxury”. Although we are based in Phuket, Thailand, we have clients worldwide as we embrace the latest technology, which allows us to be directly involved “on the ground” regardless of our geographical location. Naturally, like many firms, we use apps such as Zoom and Microsoft teams, but what sets us apart is our world-class 3D design rendering software capable of producing designs that are accurate to the minutest detail.

As you can see from the designs, we have superbly managed to merge straight lines and curves to create a cutting edge image that will undoubtedly become a timeless classic. The images show that we have designed a luxury family home that meets the needs of all dynamic and aspiring individuals who want to turn heads. The project demonstrates class and refinement, and the properties will appeal to those who appreciate the finer things in life.

The luxury pool Villa Ternrud is yet another example of the fantastic designs that our team of creative and innovative designers can produce. We are renowned for pushing the boundaries to create something that others can’t and can only dream of replicating. Our designs are always available to clients through our software packages and enable them to almost walk through the properties and gain a “true to life” perspective of how the finished project will look.

Photorealistic Renderings