Villas Project Design

Exterior garden view luxury villa in Patong Phuket

VILLAS interiors

Luxury design concept for a villa with high end interiors

Villas Interior

Full teak wood design for this luxury villa concept

Villas project development design.

At Crazy Web Studio, we have completed several luxury villa developments since our inception in 2011. The projects have taken us across Thailand and other beautiful destinations around the world. By combining our immense experience and using the latest 3D rendering technology, we have designed some of the most desirable villas in the Kingdom for privates and real estate companies.


CWS has an incredible team of entirely foreign exterior designers with experience and vision to transform the exterior of your villa into something exceptional. Using the natural lay of the land, we can create outdoor living spaces which will be the envy of friends, family and neighbours. We can include infinity swimming pools, salas or well-manicured gardens, whatever your requirements, our designers will be happy to oblige.


By utilising the latest 3D photorealistic rendering packages, our interior designers can create magnificent internal living areas. By maximising natural light as much as possible, we can make your villa feel bright, open and spacious. Using premium software packages, our teams can ensure that every aspect is covered and nothing is left to chance.

Drone View

We use high-tech drones fitted with the latest equipment to create detailed plans from the air, which are far more useful than any done at ground level. We also take images throughout the construction phase to provide regular updates on the progress of the project.

Rooms & Floor Plan

It is essential that all room and floor plans must be accurate, even the smallest fraction. Any errors could prove to be costly. By using advanced technology, along with the skill and experience of our teams, we ensure that all measurements are precise.

Walkthrough Video Rendering

At CWS, we use the latest technology to allow clients to walk through their property long before construction has even begun. This state-of-the-art technology will give you the unique opportunity to experience how things will look and allow you to make informed decisions about any alterations you may wish to make at the design stage.