Restaurant & Bar

Full plan interiors and exteriors for your business including kitchens

Experts in Malls Restaurants

We develop several design for Malls restaurants with all the requirements and standards

Exterior Design for Restaurants

We plan and size everyting required for your business to make it look attractive

Restaurant Development Design.

At Crazy Web Studio, we have a comprehensive knowledge of restaurant and bar design. Our teams create full, detailed plans which include kitchens and serving areas. We understand the legal requirements and our teams liaise with the relevant authorities to ensure that everything is compliant with current rules and regulations. We have worked on numerous restaurants in shopping malls as well as privately owned eateries.


The exterior of your property must be appealing and enticing to draw customers in. Our dynamic team of exterior designers will create something functional, as well as visually appealing and memorable. It may include shaded outdoor seating areas or gardens which are overlooked from the restaurant. We work with you to bring your designs to life.


The interior of your restaurant must be practical and comfortable, but it also needs to be attractive and inviting. Our interior designers will cover all aspects of the design using photorealistic rendering. This incredibly detailed process can even include the pictures on the walls as well as styles of glassware. Great attention to detail is paid at the stage to ensure that our designs not only meet your expectations but surpass them.

Lighting Design and Equipment

Choosing the right lighting and equipment is essential when it comes to creating the right ambience within your restaurant. You may prefer your restaurant to be darker and have a more intimate feel, while others prefer their restaurants to be bright and open. Our designers will discuss the options that are available to you.

Kitchens and Fridge Equipment

Of course, the kitchens and fridge are equally as crucial as the front-of-house design. Our design teams create plans which utilise all available space and make a fully-functional working area with appropriate refrigeration equipment depending on the type of restaurant.

Experience Your Vision with Walkthrough Video Rendering

By using the latest technology and walkthrough video rendering, our designers will be able to put you in your restaurant or bar before construction has even begun. It will allow you to make any tweaks or give you an insight into how your vision will look in real life.